Our History

Loop D Loop Kids™  has been present since 2016 - We are the new modern day children's music and fitness brand. We conduct music fitness classes for parents and children.  A study published in Developmental Science compared babies and parents who took part in music classes with parent-baby pairs who just listened to the same music while doing other things. The babies in the participatory classes were more musically aware and had finer-tuned gestures and increased social skills after the classes ended. “The benefits of Mommy- or Daddy-and-Me classes on a child’s development cannot be overstated,” agrees Katie Davis, M.D., a developmental psychologist at Park Avenue Pediatric Neuropsychology in Manhattan. Our mission is to promote mental and physical health through music, books, videos and our programs. LoopDLoopKids parent and me music fitness program caters to moms, dads, caregivers and their children ages 4 months – 5 years old. Our program focuses on child bonding through fitness, dramatic play and dancing. We believe that one of the best ways a family can lead a healthy lifestyle is by fitness bonding. The way we do this is by creating radio quality pop music that gets each child and caregiver moving and grooving to our upbeat tempo. What better way to have fun with your child while getting a workout, increasing social skills and brain development?